Deconstructing the imagined barriers between music makers and the software algorithms being used, algorave is a method for live composition with softwares built for creating algorithmic music and visuals, such as IXI Lang, puredata, Max/MSP, SuperCollider, Extempore, Fluxus, TidalCycles, Gibber, Sonic Pi, FoxDot and Cyril. Algorave Stockholm is a non-profit organisation that promotes music which predominantly makes use of algorithms in radical new ways of making music and organising sound. This year, Sound of Stockholm invites Algorave to present two artists: Hara Alonso and Kindhom, as part of the residency at Scenkonstmuseet.    

Hara Alonso
Pianoïse is an androgynous duet of piano and electronics. The limit between the two artifacts is melted into an acoustic/digital sonic being. This hyperinstrument is an exploration of the piano both as a harmonic instrument and as a corrupted one. The two sides dance back and forth in a tender/violent dance from saturation, convolution and granulation to harmonic cadenzas, polyrhythmic sequences and textures. The result is a broad palette of atmospheres made by the combination of processing the piano signal and algorithmic composition.

Hara Alonso is pianist and sound designer based in Stockholm. With a background in classical training, she works in the integration of new technologies in music through composition, performance and multimedia. Last year she was researching on new ways to play piano. She has given concerts as a soloist and as a member of different ensembles all around Europe: Biennale de Musique en Scène (Lyon-France), SMC Music Computer Association S.T.R.E.A.M. Festival, Kampnagel (Hamburg-Germany), Keroxen (Tenerife-Spain). For the Sound of Stockholm residency at Scemnkonstmuséet, Hara Alonso presents an algorave session, organised by Algorave Stockholm.  


Kindohm (Mike Hodnick) is a programmer and sound artist from Minneapolis, USA. He composes and performs exclusively with the TidalCycles live-coding environment, using conditional patterning logic to create off-kilter, bass-heavy dancefloor interruptions. For the Sound of Stockholm residency at Scemnkonstmuséet, Kindohm presents an algorave session, organised by Algorave Stockholm.