Hiro Kone

Hiro Kone (Nicky Mao) is a New York-based musician and producer: a multi-instrumentalist, who studied classical music as a child but abandoned her violin training to play guitar in punk bands as a teenager. She takes a deconstructive approach to music, using a combination of hardware, synths, modular synthesis, noise and field recordings.

She released her first self-titled EP on the since defunct label Bitterroots in 2012. She released two EPs in 2014: “The Unmoved Mover” (Group Tightener) and “Fallen Angels” (Geographic North). “Love is the Capital” (2017) was her debut LP on Geographic North, bringing some of her most emotionally and politically driven work yet. The pieces are visceral meditations of rhythm, noise, and melody, in the vein of Pan Sonic, Chris & Cosey, Muslimgauze, and Kangding Ray. Hiro Kone’s close collaborator is Drew McDowall (Coil, Psychic TV), their collab album “The Ghost Of Georges Bataille” was released by BANK Records in 2018, followed by her latest solo album “Pure Expenditure” (Dais Records, 2018).

A new solo album, her most personally narrative work to date, “A Fossil Begins to Bray” will be released on Dais Records on November 8. With this record, Hiro Kone embarks upon a journey of discovery and self- analysis, proposing a potential reorientation towards absence in hopes of illuminating potential futures. In Mao’s own words, “This album considers the power of absence as neither a lack or deficit, but as a quiet, indeterminable force to cultivate in this time of looming and unrelenting techno-fascism. It asks that we take pause to consider our learned languages and actualities and to better consider how desire shapes our recollections and interpretations of this ‘existence.’”


Date: 23 November (Saturday), 00:30
Location: Hus 7 (Styckmästargatan 10, Stockholm)

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