Hunjoo Jung

Hunjoo Jung is a composer creating acoustic, electronic and electroacoustic music as well as intermedia installation art. In recent years, Jung has been exploring multi-complex structural ways in which interactive visual objects can be used in a wide range of combinations with music.

Jung’s works have been performed by ensembles and groups such as TALEA, Distractfold, Curious Chamber Players, Mimitabu, Trio Comet, Golden Fur, Ensemble Adapter, SurPlus, The Interstring Project, Barcelona Modern Ensemble, and soloists such as Tyler J. Borden (Mivos Quartet), Szilárd Benes (Schallfeld).

refLEction refRAction difFRAction for Bass Clarinet & Live Electronics” is a compositional work for bass clarinet (Szilárd Benes) and voice with live electronics (Hunjoo Jung), based on an interactive performance system that utilizes real-time electroacoustic processing, sound synthesis, and spatialisation. Jung creates complex interactions between musical and non-musical materials to create a process of psychological interaction that invites the listener into a liminal space.

The performance sonically addresses the savage, the bestial nature of man, and increasingly reveals the darker side of human nature, highlighting more than just our competitiveness, but also pettiness and greed.


Date: 21 November (Thursday), 20:30
Location: Fylkingen (Torkel Knutssonsgatan 2, Stockholm)

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