Marlena Lampinen

Moonilena (Marlena Lampinen) is a Stockholm-based sound artist and DJ. As a sound artist, she has most recently provided the sound design and composition for Lap-See Lam’s “Phantom Banquet”, presented at this year’s Performa Biennial, as a DJ she has diligently engaged in mixes (iDEAL, Worldwide FM, Retreat, Red Light Radio to name a few), and played festivals and club gigs across Europe.

Marlena releases her own music under monikers Mar-llena (together with Sonja Tofik) and Moonilena. She also co-runs the label Moloton which focuses on experimental electronic music, ranging from ambient and sound art to synth, drone and industrial.

Moonilena will DJ in-between main acts at Slaktkyrkan on Saturday, which means tons of carefully curated music from a highly trusted source!


Date: 23 November (Saturday), 18:00-00:30
Location: Slaktkyrkan (Styckmästargatan 10)

>> Soundcloud
>> Moloton