Pinquins (Johanne Byhring, Sigrun Rogstad Gomnæs and Ane Marthe Sørlien Holen) are a constantly evolving cross-genre percussion trio, dedicated to challenging and expanding the format they work within. They use body and voice as a natural part of their instrumentation, and collaborate with composers and performers from both contemporary music and other genres. With their highly visual repertoire and unique stage presence, the trio has made itself known as one of the most innovative young ensembles in the Norwegian contemporary music scene.

Since their debut concert in 2009, Pinquins have established a concert series in Oslo, for which they commissioned and performed works by numerous contemporary composers. In 2018-2019 they have premiered works by Ingvild Langgård, Danielle Dahl, Natasha Diels, Malin Bång, Therese Ulvo and Lasse Marhaug.

Pinquins have toured Australia and much of Europe. In addition to self-produced concerts and tours, they also performed at festivals such as Ultima, Bergen International Festival, Only Connect, TheMus, BrassWind, Øya, Cycle, Blurred Edges and Nordic Music Days.

In 2018, they celebrated 10 years of Pinquins with concerts in Oslo, Bergen (Borealis), Trondheim, Stavanger and Bodø in Norway.

For their Sound of Stockholm performance, Oslo-based percussionist Jennifer Lawrence will replace Ane Marthe Sørlien Holen.


Malin Bång: Underpassing (2019)
Lasse Marhaug: Almost Everything (2019)

(With support from Music Norway)


Date: 23 November (Saturday), 18:30
Location: Slaktkyrkan (Styckmästargatan 10, Stockholm)

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