Somewhere between noise, funk-rock (sometimes with a hint of reggaeton) and sound art, ABACAXI (Portuguese for pineapple) has a heart of candy and skin with spikes.

Formed by Julien Desprez, this brand new incarnation of the classic rock line-up guitar/bass/drums presents an intense electric sound sculpture, carved by the rock idiom.

The trio creates a highly energetic new music full of noisy brightness and sharp edges, completed by a choreography of flashing lights.

ABACAXI made a big impression during their European debut at Berlin Jazz festival 2019. The first release Mainstream Desire followed in March 2021 on Carton / Coax records.

Michela Pelusio / Nattens Inbrott / ABACAXI

November 25 » 7:00 PM11:30 PM