KABLAM is a Stockholm-based composer and producer hailing from the west coast of Sweden. She started her career as a DJ and is perhaps best known as one of the residents of Berlin’s infamous Janus party alongside co-residents M.E.S.H. and Lotic. 

As a DJ and live artist, she manipulates digital tracks—taking advantage of the possibilities offered by digital playback devices. She likes to play and mix contrasting genres, finding imaginative points of entry and combinations between them. She is known for her detailed work with rhythm, and her music has been described as ”sonic maximalism”.  

In June 2016, Janus published KABLAM’s debut EP titled Furiosa, and in May 2019, the artist self-released her 13-track debut album Confusía. She has produced remixes for Mobilegirl, Osheyack, Spatial, Tomasa del Real and collaborated with Coucou Chloe and Dinamarca. 

KABLAM is currently studying Electroacoustic Composition at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm.


Sturle Dagsland / Loré Lixenberg / KABLAM

November 26 » 7:00 PM11:30 PM