Linnéa Talp is a Stockholm based composer and musician. Her compositions examine the physical experience of breathing, aiming to expand bodily movement into sounding. Her practice centres around presence and focused listening, in which she creates minimalistic yet rich sonic weaves, with the pipe organ as its foundation.

Her upcoming album Arch of Music consists of eight pieces for pipe organ, with subtle elements of instruments like bass clarinet,  voice and flute. The album features guests like Mariam Wallentin, Christer Bothén and Martin Küchen and will be released in the spring of 2022 on Thanatosis.

Linnéa has been performing at Orionteatern and Ställbergs Gruva, to mention a few, and she has an ongoing collaboration with the artist Jordana Loeb. Her most recent album, Cochlea was released in 2020 on Dubious Records, produced along with Max-Måns Wikman.

At Sound of Stockholm 2021, Linnéa Talp will perform in duo on pipe organ, together with Christer Bothén on contrabass clarinet. They will present music based on Talps upcoming work ”Arch of Motion”, centered around the motion of breathing.

Linnéa Talp is presented in collaboration with SKAIV.

Theo Kentros / Niklas Dahlqvist / Daniel M Karlsson / Christer Bothén / Linnéa Talp

November 23 » 7:15 PM9:30 PM