SpaceTime Helix is an audiovisual performance exploring helical symmetries & infinities, geometric frequencies, quantum states and sonic visions. A white string, a line, a boundary, twists into a giant spinning standing wave, a large helicoid uniting floor and ceiling, earth and sky. The helix is illuminated and transparent, with waves running over it, disappearing into the future and deepening the distance in space-time.

 The helix coils and unwinds in the darkness, a vibrational dance between physical and metaphysical phenomena, inducing retinal persistence and synaesthetic journeying for those caught in its vortex.

Italian artist Michela Pelusio creates audiovisual performance, installations, kinetic live sculptures and instruments. Her research explores human perception, physical phenomena, visuals and sounds, art and science.


Michela Pelusio / Nattens Inbrott / ABACAXI

November 25 » 7:00 PM11:30 PM