Niklas Dahqvist is a composer currently studying Electroacoustic composition at the Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm. His work focuses on neural networks, both in form of neural synthesis, and symbolical generation as notation and graphic scores, along with more traditional algorithmic composition.

Neural studie 4

In the piece Neural studie 4, Dahlqvist uses a type of machine learning technique called neural synthesis to explore the properties associated with the organ as a musical instrument. By training a neural network on a particular material, a large matter of audio parts is generated, along with a general structure for the piece. In the writing of this piece, the composer, therefore, employs a role more similar to a curator, selecting and organising the generated musical material.

Niklas Dahlqvist is presented in collaboration with SKAIV.


Theo Kentros / Niklas Dahlqvist / Daniel M Karlsson / Christer Bothén / Linnéa Talp

November 23 » 7:15 PM9:30 PM