Recommended age: 6-12
11:00-12:00 in Foaje 3, Kulturhuset Stadsteatern

In the workshop SOUNDRAWING, the duo Shapes of Sounds explores the interplay of sound and image, together with the participants.

Posing the questions “How can you draw a sound” and “How can you play a drawing,” Shapes of Sounds invites children to draw their own experiences of different sounds and music, and to listen to their drawings becoming musically interpreted.

The workshop aims to inspire creativity in music and image, to develop an understanding of listening and seeing, and to show that there is no right or wrong in expression and experience.

Shapes of Sounds is a constantly improvising sonic/visual exploration between two artists established in opposing art forms: visual artist Jenny Soep and composer and sound artist Alexandra Nilsson. Using live electronics and acoustic instruments along with projected digital drawing, Alexandra and Jenny use their dynamic art forms as means to investigate and express their simultaneous dialogue. Sometimes leading, sometimes following; sometimes abstract, sometimes narrative; always listening and looking. 

Shapes of Sounds formed in 2015 and have been playing music festivals, art galleries and schools ever since.

Jenny Soep is a drawing-based artist and ‘on-the-spot’ illustrator. She captures the essence of live original/alternative/experimental music and art(s) events. 

Alexandra Nilsson is a composer, sound artist and performer. Her work stretches across acoustic and electroacoustic music, sound art and performative practices.


Soundrawing with Shapes of Sounds

November 28 » 11:00 AM12:00 PM