Sturle Dagsland is a distinctively unique artist from Norway. Through wild performances, he captivates and takes the listeners on an adventurous and surreal journey. His self-titled debut album of 2021 simply sounds like nothing we’ve heard before. What we can tell is that he creates music with a dark, ethereal and irrefutable intensity, which could leave noone indifferent. 

On stage, Sturle is joined by his brother Sjur Dagsland. Together, they utilise a wide range of acoustic instruments, percussive objects and electronics from all over the world, resulting in an otherworldly ensemble. This eclectic sonic platform is pushed further by Sturle’s voice: a blistering whirlwind of sound—ranging from primal screams and throat-singing to ethereal melody.

Sturle Dagsland / Loré Lixenberg / KABLAM

November 26 » 7:00 PM11:30 PM