*This event requires a separate ticket.

Back by popular demand, Babyrave joins Sound of Stockholm and invites the youngest audience to rave into pre-verbal experiences of electronic composition, lights and choreography. The concept comes from a desire to include children in the aesthetic environment of the club, where lights and sounds are interlinked with the social experience of dancing. But in comparison to the banging clubs, all sensations are at a low and child-friendly level.

For this occasion, the raver Armin aka SkyVibes (Swe/Ira) performs a live-set accompanied by electro-acoustic sounds by Lylloop. Scenography by [UBV] Decorations.

All children between the age of 0 and 7 years are welcome, with the company of a grown-up friend.

Tickets for this event are available through Kulturhuset Stadsteaterns website, which can be found here.