Bjarki gained an international audience with the stupendous and imposing track ’I Wanna Go Bang’, which can be described as the breakout hit from Nina Kraviz трип-label. Rejecting the expected path, and instead heading down a trail of functional dance music, Bjarki turned toward further musical exploration and rummaging, moving away from the aforementioned sound to a more experimental take on music. Also, he attributes all his products as being the effect of mistakes made, or chances taken, in the studio.

With an open mind, sheer experimentation is his modus operandi, resulting in a truly diverse catalog. Three widely praised LPs (B, Left-handed Fuqs and Æ) showed Bjarkis versatility as a producer, moving from icy ambient soundscapes, deconstructed dance music through melodic techno, to breakbeat, jungle on to meet with classic rave elements and heavy and overpowering synthesizers. Renewing old styles, Bjarki is never nostalgic, rather very creative. The latest step in his creative journey is the founding of the label bbbbbb-records.  

Bjarki will perform at Under Bron, where there is an age-limit of 21 to attend due to Under Bron policy.