This year, Sound of Stockholm participates in the festival and network-building platform C3IC, dedicated specifically to the development of works, audiences, and visibility for the emerging scene of Indie-Classical (IC). The sound of IC is often contemporary classical intermingled with pop, rock, world or electronica. The concepts and working methods are often underground, alternative and, as the name implies, independent.

The Club Contemporary Classical Festival (C3), was born at the legendary Berghain club in Berlin, 2009. It concentrates exclusively on a subset of the larger Indie-Classical genre, namely, music which falls into the grey zone between the genres of contemporary classical and electronic music. C3IC: Club Contemporary Classical Subset Indie-Classical is the 2017 edition of C3, produced by Piranha, Cross Linx, Sound of Stockholm and Tallin Music Week. It is realized with the support fund of the Creative Europe Program of the European Union.

The C3 concerts represent an anchoring point upon which additional activities will be based: meetings to create a global Indie-Classical professionals network, workshops, Groupmuse concerts and a global streaming event. Following up on the recent years’ increasing creation and presentation of music transgressing boundaries between genres, the program showcases examples of musical practices that break free from traditional genre boxes and mindsets, proving the relevance of contemporary music as artistic reflection of today. Thus, C3IC builds access bridges between realms of sound, between artists and presenters as well as between current and potential audiences, inviting crossover, discovery and development.

As part of the C3IC programme, national Indie-Classical Network meetings are held in each partner location before the main concerts and are hosted by a representative of the C3IC coordinating team in cooperation with local institutions or national music export offices. In Stockholm, the meetings are hosted by Musikcentrum Öst/Export Music Sweden.

For music conservatory students and professionals who are inexperienced with indie-classical or would like to extend their experiences, training and education will be offered through 1-2 workshops in each partner location. These are led by representatives of the Indie-Classical scene in cooperation with local higher education institutions. An introduction to the topic Indie-Classical, a presentation of current status in the genre around Europe and the world, a presentation of employment/performance/cooperation opportunities and methods for accessing them, and discussions on crucial and at times controversial aesthetic issues will be included.

C3IC takes place the following times and places:

– The Netherlands: Crosslinx Eindhoven / Groningen / Rotterdam / Amsterdam 02 – 05 March 2017

– Estonia: Tallinn Music Week, 27 March – 02 April 2017

– Sweden: Sound of Stockholm, 07 – 11 November 2017


Featured artists at Sound of Stockholm
U: & Ekke
In Code
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Indie Classical network meeting & launch of C3IC network:
C3IC, Sound of Stockholm/Musikcentrum Öst & Swedish Society of Composers has taken the initiative to a game-changing discussion between Swedish, European and global creators, decision makers, presenters and innovators in the field of contemporary, avant-garde and experimental music. We will address a number of subjects like audience developments, business models and the potential of artist driven initiatives. Learn about the new Indie Classical network and take part in the launch of the global website Indie Classical. This is a closed event but there is a few places left. If you want to join, send a mail to to be confirmed.

When: Friday Nov 10, 2  – 4  pm
Where: Münchenbryggeriet, Sjösidan, Söder Mälarstrand 57


C3IC Workshop with Gabriel Prokofiev (UK) and Etienne Abelin. (CH).
The past years we’ve seen vibrant initiatives in the scene of contemporary classical music. New venues, new concert forms and brave musical experiments has attracted new audiences and merged club formats seamless with classical music and DJ sets. Composer, DJ and musician Gabriel Prokofiev has been running his club format Indie Classical in London for some years, creating a whole new plattform and together with the conductor, festival arranger and musical activist Etienne Abelin from Zürich, C3IC and Sound of Stockholm offers a unique workshop for curios and creative minds in the classical and contemporary music scene.

When: Sat Nov 11, 12-2 pm
Where; Elektron Musik Studion (EMS), Söder Mälarstrand 61.

The number of participants in the workshop is strictly limited. Drop a mail to Ragnar Berthling at Musikcentrum Öst ( and await confirmations and instructions of preparation.