Fantas is a new composition by Caterina Barbieri for voice and synthesis in collaboration with Annie Garlid and Evelyn Saylor. From the Italian word for ghost “Fantasma,” Fantas also shares the same etymology of the word “Fantasia” meaning phantasy. Fantas is a piece inspired by interference patterns and acoustic hallucinations produced by fast alternation of sound and silence. Fantas is commissioned by Sound of Stockholm 2017 and performed together with Evelyn Saylor and Annie Garlid.

Berlin based Italian composer, Caterina Barbieri, explores themes related to machine intelligence and object-oriented perception in sound through a focus on minimalism. Her composition practice arises from a meditation on primary waveforms and the exploration of the polyphonic and polyrhythmic potential of sequencers. By means of synthesis, pattern based operations, and subtractive counterpoint, her music draws severe geometries in time and space. Approaching music practice as an integrative cognitive feedback between humans and technology is at the core of her current sonic research, as well as the exploration of the psycho-physical effects of repetition and pattern-based operations in music.

Since 2013, Barbieri has researched and produced music at the renowned Elektronmusikstudion in Stockholm, where she has intensively composed for the Buchla 200 system. Her debut album Vertical, composed for Buchla 200 and vocals, was produced between Elektronmusikstudion and the Royal University of Music in Stockholm and released via Important Records’ Cassauna offshoot (8 October 2014). Last year, the multimedia production Upper Glossa in collaboration with Kali Malone was established with support from Atonal festival in Berlin. Thereafter, Barbieri’s last solo LP “Patterns of Consciousness” (Important Records, 2017) has received critical acclaim. This year, the debut album of her collaborative project with Carlo Maria Punctum on Berlin’s imprint Summe, was also released.

Annie Garlid grew up in the US and lives in Berlin. She is a viola player, singer, and writer. In all three disciplines, she explores very old and very new forms of music making and the recontextualization and intersection of those forms with other media. She is an assistant programmer of the experimental music series Sacred Realism in Berlin-Wedding and has worked at the CTM Festival since 2014. She makes her own music under the moniker, UCC Harlo.

Evelyn Saylor is a composer and performer from New York City, currently living in Berlin. She writes electronic music for concerts, theater, and modern dance. She is also a vocalist and pianist. In addition to performing her own music, she performs Early Music and American Shape Note music, and sings with the band Dear Reader and the artist Holly Herndon. As a composer, she regularly collaborates with the choreographer Ruben Reniers.