A normal day in the CRIM3S life can be summarized in community service, job center waiting rooms, shoplifting, and breaking speakers. Composing sound on a broken laptop, Rou was searching for a vocalist, someone as raw, extreme and honest as himself. In 2010, Rou Rot and Sadie Pinn met in a north London warehouse called the Monkey Farm, where they both lived at the time. After being evicted on short notice, they were left homeless for a year, and during that time they came up with the act Crim3s. Just like themselves, the first EP was made on the streets of London; each track in a different environment: garages, warehouses, squats, railway arches, office blocks, garden sheds and a law student’s university office. Knowledge of the duo spread as they participated in and organised illegal squat raves in London. This is still their natural environment and for the past seven years they haven’t stayed anywhere that’s not illegal. CRIM3S are still not signed.

Despite the economic and fashionable exclusiveness that comes with clubs, raves open up possibilities for different ways of experiencing sound. It was from the resonating void of squatted warehouses that Rou Rot’s first sonic excavations were brought forth as an attempt to fuse the squat scene and the Internet world together.

CRIM3S is a depiction of Rou Rot’s and Sadie Pinn’s lives, where making music has been the antidote to their lived experiences. For the Sound of Stockholm residence at Under Bron, Crim3s will present a new live set, the first completely live show in three years, having turned down countless world tours. This is their comeback show and a completely fresh experience.  

Due to Under Bron policy, the age limit for Under Bron concerts is 21.