2016 Festival Program

SOS ALL-YEAR #3 2015

Torsdag 21 maj kl 19.00

Kulturhuset Stadsteatern, hörsalen.

SOS ALL-YEAR #2 2015

6 och 7 mars kl 17.00

Tiden går inte längre – Fylkingen

SOS ALL-YEAR #1 2015

Lördag 7 februari kl 20.00

Kapellet, Olivecronas väg 20-22

9/11 Wednesday 9/11 Onsdag

10/11 Thursday 10/11 Torsdag

11/11 Friday 11/11 Fredag

12/11 Saturday 12/11 Lördag

13/11 Sunday 13/11 Söndag



TICKETS for 2016 festival


Buy tickets to the 7th Sound of Stockholm-festival November 9th–13th.

Festival pass
Limited amount. Presale at: Sound of Stockholm 2016

Festival pass includes entry to our concerts at Kulturhuset Stadsteatern, Fylkingen, Bonniers Konsthall, Under Bron and Debaser Medis.
(Babyrave not included)
N.B Seat reservation needed for concert Ensemble Makadam at Bonniers Konsthall. Email reservations to: program@bonnierskonsthall.se
Entry at Under Bron included until 01:00, after 01:00 tickets are purchased at Under Bron at their regular price.
Age limits: Under Bron 23 / Debaser Medis 18

Presale at: Kulturhuset Stadsteatern
Tickets at the door if available.

Wednesday ticket, Thursday ticket
Presale at: Kulturhuset Stadsteatern

Wednesday ticket includes entrance to Ensemble Makadam at Bonniers Konsthall together with seat reservation: program@bonnierskonsthall.se
Tickets at the door at Kulturhuset Stadsteatern and Bonniers Konsthall if available.

Friday ticket, Saturday ticket
Presale at: Sound of Stockholm 2016

Tickets at the door at Fylkingen if available.
Friday ticket and Festival pass includes entry at Under Bron before 01:00,
after 01:00 tickets are purchased at Under Bron at their regular price.
Age limit Under Bron 23

Sunday ticket
Presale at: Debaser Medis

Tickets at the door at Debaser Medis if available.
Age limit 18

These concerts are free of charge:

Ensemble Makadam (installation), Bonniers Konsthall, Library
During daytime the installation is open and free for everyone to visit.
No seat reservation needed.

Lunch concert: Mimitabu Kulturhuset Stadsteatern, Hörsalen
Free of charge.

Toncirkeln workshop for children 8-12 years, Fylkingen
Free of charge but seat reservation is needed. Limited participants.
For reservation and questions email: toncirkeln@gmail.com



The activities will be held at Kulturhuset Stadsteatern, Fylkingen, Bonniers Konsthall, Debaser Medis and Under Bron.

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    About Sound of Stockholm

    Sound of Stockholm is a festival presenting a wide array of new music in Stockholm, Sweden since 2010.
    The organization of the festival consist out of five member associations: FRIM, Fylkingen, Samtida Musik, SEKT and Studio 53 and the festival program is created by a programming group with representatives from all member associations.


      (The Association for Free Improvised Music) Presents concerts with improvised and experimental music in different places in Stockholm.


        Member based society and scene for New Music and Intermedia Art. Since it’s inception 1933 Fylkingen has promoted new experimental contemporary music and art. The association presents over a hundreds of concerts a year with electronic and instrumental music as well as installations, film, dance and performance.

          Samtida Musik

          Presents concerts weighted towards newly composed chamber music in different places in Stockholm. Samtida Musik presents both Swedish and international ensembles and commissions new music by composers.


            A cultural club for experimental music, performance art, and film.

              Studio 53

              Studio 53 holds concerts, seminars, and educational activities. The goal of which is to increase interest in new music, among other things through a variety of composer presentations. Studio 53 is run by the Stockholm Saxophone Quartet

Sound of Stockholm board

  • Susanne Skog
  • John Chantler
  • Lisa Ullén
  • George Kentros
  • Kajsa Lindgren

Programming group

  • Anton Svanberg
  • George Kentros
  • Jenny Hettne
  • Jörgen Pettersson
  • Leif Karlborg
  • Lisa Stenberg
  • Matthew Peterson
  • Maria w Horn
  • Robin Smeds Mattila


  • Lisa Stenberg

Technical Producer

  • Maria w Horn

Graphic design & identity

  • Robin Smeds Mattila

Press & marketing

  • Robin Smeds Mattila





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