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SOS ALL-YEAR #2 2015

6 och 7 mars kl 17.00

Tiden går inte längre – Fylkingen

Drånkvartetten är Bruno Andersen, Fredrik Bergström Johannes Geworkian-Hellman och Harald Pettersson.

SOS ALL-YEAR #1 2015

Lördag 7 februari kl 20.00

Kapellet, Olivecronas väg 20-22

We are eager to present dates for the Sound of Stockholm Festival 2015… We will let you know as soon as possible!

4/11 Tuesday 4/11 Tisdag

We are eager to present dates for the Sound of Stockholm Festival 2015… We will let you know as soon as possible!

5/11 Wednesday 5/11 Onsdag

6/11 Thursday 6/11 Torsdag

7/11 Friday 7/11 Fredag

8/11 Saturday 8/11 Lördag

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Those of you who bought the Festival Pass 2014 are given six concerts for free, hosted by our six organizations between February 7th and November 5th. First date is Feb 7th hosted by SEKT and second free concert is hosted by FYLKINGEN March 6th and 7th “tiden går inte längre” by Patric Simmerud and others. Show your Festival ticket/bracelet or receipt from Sound of Stockholm 2014 and we will let you in for free. (Some of you are already on our list – you know who you are!). Most welcome!

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Most of the activities will be held in Kulturhuset Stadsteater, and some in Audiorama and Fylkingen.

Find the locations on Google Maps: Kulturhuset, Audiorama, and Fylkingen.


Sound of Stockholm is a new music and sound art festival.


Download program 2014 as PDF here.


You can find 2015 & 2014 pressreleases SOS here.
Find all our press images from SOS2014 here (all photos by Heiko Purnhagen).


Download and read PDF with frequently asked questions and answers here

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Sound of Stockholm på plats på MaerzMusik i Berlin. Mycket musik, seminarier och möte med ECPNM (European Council for Promoters of New Music, ). Från öppningskonserten: 2 Bad av Bernhard Gander för elgitarr och viola da gamba. (…)

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The non-profit organization Sound of Stockholm is made up of six member organizations:

The board

  • Susanne Skog, president
  • Catharina Backman
  • George Kentros
  • Karin Starre
  • Mattias Petersson

Production coordination

  • Susanne Skog
  • Karin Starre

Technical coordination

  • Marcus Wrangö
  • Mats Erlandsson
  • Mattias Petersson

Programming group

  • Mats Erlandsson
  • Magnus Bunnskog
  • Mattias Petersson
  • Jörgen Pettersson
  • Catharina Backman/Pontus Langendorf
  • Katt Hernandez/Anton Svanberg

Artist & volunteer coordination

  • Sol Andersson
  • Karin Starre

Press & marketing

  • Annica Sandh, coordinator
  • Magnus Bunnskog
  • Maja Adolphson, press and PR

Festival program magazine

  • Magnus Bunnskog, editor

Graphic design & identity


  • Ritator, art direction (
  • Magnus Bunnskog, editor
  • Marcus Wrangö, maintenance

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