Anna Zaradny

Anna Zaradny is a polish sound and visual artist, composer and improviser.

As a composer and instrumentalist her practice spans a wide spectrum of genres: from acoustic improvised music with a contemporary minimalist language to the complex structures of experimental electronic compositions. As a visual artist, she works in various media including installations, objects, photography and video.
Anna uses abstraction, micro sound and architectonic elements, lights and space. Her pieces are marked by the ambiguity and the relationship between medium and ideas.

At Sound of Stockholm Anna Zaradny will present the video piece Octopus and a liveset with material from her latest album Go Go Theurgy.

Created for a musical piece, Octopus is a short film which engages in a dialogue on experimental music tapping into the music video format – more commonly linked to popular culture. Playing around with this expression, Zaradny also alters the context of the original piece, generating an entirely new aesthetic dimension.

Go Go Theurgy consists of two majestic compositions. Strikingly charismatic and intense, they teem with sensuality and anxiety, while their palpably dense and detailed texture is filled with tension and sense of urgency. The crystal-clear narration of these structurally complex pieces creates a framework for Zaradny’s uniquely intricate and emotional sound.

Photo: Szymon Rogiński

Presented in collaboration with EMS and The Polish Institute