A forest of dusky ultraviolet light beams– dance yourself into a trance in the fog. Studion at Kulturhuset Stadsteatern turns into a portal to another dimension. Follow us into this parallel universe– let yourself be pulled into the Babyrave!

Rave for the smallest children, at a listener and dance-friendly volume. Adults who would like to dance are only allowed in the company of a their child!

Ticket information:
Children 0-7 years old
Buy tickets to the raves at Kulturhuset Stadsteaterns biljettkassa
Tickets: 60kr/ adult, 60kr/child
Babyrave 1 kl.11-12.45
Babyrave 2 kl.13-14.45

Venue information:
Entrance to Studion, Kulturhuset Stadsteatern at ground floor next to Stockholm Visitor Center.
N.B! all baby strollers shall be parked behind the information desk, floor Plattan.