Christine Abdelnour

FRIM is very pleased to announce saxophonist Christine Abdelnour during the Sound of Stockholm 2016. Christine, with her unique sound and musical language has for long been one of the international improvised music scene’s most exciting and personal voices, both as a soloist and ensemble musician. She has released a dozen records and toured around the world but this is the first time she gives a solo concert in Stockholm.

Born in 1978, Christine lives in France but is of Lebanese origin. After discovering improvised music in 1997 she began a process of self-taught study and sound experimentation using the alto saxophone. She has developed a unique personal language, producing sounds that are close to those of electroacoustic music but on a purely acoustic instrument.

She approaches sound as a malleable material, rich in concrete textures which combine breath, silence and countless acoustic distortions. She has developed extended techniques and complex patterns of sound production, exploring the microtonal aspects of the saxophone and its high-pitched tones. She employs subtle tonguing techniques, unpitched breaths, spittle-flecked growls, biting, slicing notes and breathy echoing sounds from the bell of her horn. Far from any narrative effects, her music addresses the relation between listening and concepts of perception, time and space.

Christine Abdelnour website

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