Ensemble Makadam

Sound of Stockholm visits Bonniers Konsthall for the joint presentation of ‘Durations’.

In their various projects, Ensemble Makadam create new entries into music as an art form and expression. In durations-listening-space, the ensemble experiment with the live format as installation in an art space, using music written by Viktor Lisinski, Lina Järnegard and Isak Edberg – as well as free improvisation by the ensemble.

Like other performative art forms (dance, performance, theatre), contemporary music aims to get closer to the audience when appearing in an exhibition context instead of the traditional concert format. Together with light designer Rasmus Persson and artist Rickard Ljungdahl Eklund, Ensemble Makadam create a site-specific music performance at Bonniers Konsthall.

durations-listening-space is performed in an installation in the Bonniers Konsthall Library, which will be open to visitors all day. In the evening the ensemble will put on two different performances:

Durations 1. 6-7 pm
Live performance by Ensemble Makadam interacting with the installation in the Library. The performance is accompanied by a reading from The Night by Willy Granqvist.

Durations 2. 10-11 pm
Concert with Ensemble Makadam performing the compositions Durations in their entirety.

Sara Sjödahl: piano, accordion
Anna Lindal: violin
Elsbeth Bergh: viola
My Hellgren: cello
Composers: Isak Edberg, Lina Järnegard and Victor Lisinski
Scenographer: Rickard Ljungdahl Eklund
Light design: Rasmus Persson

Ensemble Makadam website

The concert is presented in collaboration with Bonniers Konsthall

FREE ENTRANCE to Sound of Stockholm festivalpass or Wednesday day pass holders.
N.B. Seating is limited and it is recommended that you write to program@bonnierskonsthall.se to reserve a place.
Tickets for the concert is also available at Bonnier Konsthall website