Marta Forsberg

Fylkingen are excited to be able to present composer Marta Forsberg. At the festival she will perform her minimalist work Weave and Dream, a slowly evolving spectral monolith for sound and light.

Marta Forsberg is a Swedish violinist and composer working in the field of free improvisation, electroacoustic and drone music. Dedicated to creating an all embracing environment, Forsberg’s work extends the sensory realm through multichannel expansion and via light sculptures, a sonic visualisation.

Weave and Dream is a sound and light performance exploring darkness, luminance and color, using LED-lights and minimalist drone music. The piece unmasks a parallel reality, like walls of glass against the rest of the world. It stands for asylum, calmness and glow. A room that aims to embrace you, a room to rest in.


Marta Forsberg soundcloud

Presented by Fylkingen