With its strong commitment to commissioning and performing the newest music by a younger generation of composers, the Gothenburg-based ensemble Mimitabu has quickly established itself as a major player on the Scandinavian new music scene. The ensemble appears regularly at Swedish and international festivals, and is also producing its own concert series in Gothenburg.

At Sound of Stockholm 2016 Mimitabu performs two concerts, both exploring the new music scene in Gothenburg by inviting composers based in Gothenburg,

Sound of Göteborg: part I
Anders Hultqvist – Entropic Pleasures [Delineations (a), Version two]
Lei Feng Johansson – Water Wood
Lina Järnegard – Kylan, plötslig
Tony Blomdahl – Anti Focus

Conductor: Rei Munakata
Flute: Aurore Dyé
Clarinet: Kristine Tjøgersen
Piano/keyboards: Jonas Olsson
Percussion: Martin Salomonsson
Violin: Emelie Molander
Cello: My Hellgren
Objects: Johan Svensson/ Kristine Tjøgersen
Electronics: Johan Svensson / Lars Carlsson

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