Shitney Spears

The three members of Shitney Spears are all intensely familiar with each other, having previously crisscrossed in various musical constellations including Pistol No. 9, Maria Faust Jazz Catastrophe, and Television Pickup. Shitney was born in early 2015 with the purpose of creating new and uncompromising music on a contrasting acoustic/electric sound

Here are three women who are all, in their own ways, on the fringe of musical normality. They create an unpredictable mix of the concrete and abstract, using beats and samples, as well as synthetic and organic sounds.

SEKT has, since starting in 1999, been consequently dealing with critique of the musical norms. These norms vary of course, ever shifting, decided by the prevailing context of art music. Some acts just fit right into the SEKT zeitgeist so we are incredibly proud to present Shitney Spears, the most SEKT band of 2016.

Maria Faust – sax, effects
Katrine Amsler – keys, micro guitar, programming
Qarin Wikström – voice, effects, keys

Presented by SEKT