Tim Hecker

Tim Hecker has through his precise sonic explorations made a mark for himself as one of the leading names of contemporary drone and ambient.

A collision of textured noise and harmonic elements make up one of the main premises of his intensely emotive, physical and ethereal soundscapes, managing to be at once ominously enfolding and comforting. With each release renewing himself while simultaneously adding natural continuation to his impressive body of work, making him an artist deserving uninterrupted attention, consistently in tune with the movements of the musical landscape without ever conforming to the current trends.

With Love Streams, his 8th album, Tim Hecker weaves a personal tapestry of disassembled, melancholic technology clashing with reimagined visions of 15th century choral pieces to form a tender and stunning assemblage. Immediate in it’s ability to touch the heart of the listener and effortlessly complex in it’s richness.

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