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11-10-2017 @ 10:00 PM - 11:00 PM

With jarring, arrhythmic industrial and ambient compositions, the carnivalesque assemblage of spoken word pieces by Swan Meat are informed by an experiences of chronic illnesses and body dysmorphia. Coding her own plug-ins & Max patches, the Washington born poet and composer Reba Fay works from a library of memories teeming with sonic detritus: vestigial feeding tube, bytes of heart monitor. Exploring the recovery from bulimia nervosa through the lense of Samus Aran from the Metroid series, her debut EP, Bounty was released on Paris’ PERMALNK imprint and premiered on Thump & was listed as one of Mixmag’s best club/bass releases of the month. Besides biographic materials, the work samples from games, citing Fay’s time as an emo-obsessed teen as well as her background in classical music.

For her live performance at Under Bron, Swan Meat will integrate vocal processing with musical improvisation and updated, remixed live versions of her own melodies and drum tracks.

Swan Meat’s recent releases include the collaborative EP Knife Splits Ice, produced together with Japanese producer and collage artist Yoshitaka Hikawa. Here, Fay’s years of youth partly spent in hospitals follow the way she processess and makes sound. She describes the vocabulary herself as cold and clinical. By the same reason, the title doubles as a metaphor for glacial tonality and glinting surfaces and refers to Fay’s imagined event of an uncanny surgical procedure where a knife cuts in half a chunk of ice. No melting, no shards: Knife Splits Ice. Hikawa and Swan Meat have been working online for a period of a year, sending stems back and forth and sculpting tracks over a lengthy process of editing, sampling and remixing until their individual signatures merge into one.

Rebecka Fay is a master’s candidate in Sound Design and graduated from the University of Virginia where she won the 2015 Award for Projs in the arts. She recently performed at Berlin Atonal and Unsafe + Sound, Vienna.


10:00 PM - 11:00 PM
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