A record player, or a Gram[m]ofon, is more than just a device that plays back music. Combine it with a record collection and you have a machine that plays back a person’s history. A record collection is a very personal thing, and when the headphones are not connected it might just gossip loudly about one’s childhood, infatuations, disappointments, joys, sorrows and passions. If a record collection could be said to be the soundtrack of your life, the record player might just tell us who you are.

Gram[m]ofon is a collaboration between Goethe Institut Stockholm, Polska Institutet i Stockholm and journalist Mats Almegård, who usually hosts the show. This time his friend and colleague Curt Lundberg will fill in for Mats.

For this Sound of Stockholm edition of Gram[m]ofon, Curt Lundberg will lead a conversation with german artist and composer Hauschka.