In Code is presented as part of the Club Contemporary Classical Project (C3⊂IC)

Terry Riley’s In C from 1964 was made from 53 musical modules, fragments of musical material and melodies where different waves of pitch-centres and modalities are cycled through. The musicians move steadily through the fragments, accompanied by an ever-present chiming octave C by a piano or mallet instrument. The duration of the performance varies.

Interpreting Riley’s In C, In Code investigates the coherence of sound and image, creating a mix of enthralling audible and visual textures. Revolving around the themes of embodiment and structure, the piece creates surprising and unexpected connections between the senses. In focus are live electronics and “real-time” visuals integrated into an ensemble of acoustic instruments. Consisting of Gwyneth Wentink, Wouter Snoei and Arnout Hulskamp, the trio came together with Canto Ostinato Audio Visual, 2012. Collecting different backgrounds and disciplines, they all share an interest for dialogue between sound, frequency and image.  

As part of the C3IC showcase, In Code will perform their version of Terry Riley’s In C for electric harp, live coding and visuals. This concert is made possible by support from the Creative Europe Program of the European Union.