Simone Wingfors, “Raven”
TO DREAM OF A RAVEN IS USUALLY A BAD OMEN OF BETRAYAL AND MISFORTUNE AND IS GENERALLY A NEGATIVE OMEN OF YOUR LIFE. Raven is a live music performance act. An exploration of dreams. A reexperience of nightmares.


Kristin Warfvinge, “Det innersta rummet”
Kristin Warfvinge is a Malmö based composer with a background in jazz percussion and choir. Her compositional niche has primarily been in contemporary choir and rhythmical ensemble music, with a focus on exploring different rhythmical elements in a “classical” frame, such as metrical modulations and rhythmical super positioning. “Det innersta rummet” (The Innermost Room) is an electro-acoustic piece, focusing on space and acoustics inside our digestive system. It was originally part of an architectural analysis in Helsingborg, Sweden.


Juni Andrea Ek, “U3”
Through learning how to play the accordian, Juni Andrea Ek became interested in writing music. She studied at St Sigfrids for two years and has attended the College of Music in Malmö since 2016.

The sound for this piece was recorded from Subway Line 3, which operates between Krumme Lanke and Nollendorfplatz in Berlin. Juni has always regarded the sounds in Berlin’s subway as an exciting atmosphere. There are several different recorded sounds in the piece, but she concentrated on sounds from the loudspeaker voice to allow the sound from a slow-moving train act like a melody. She finishes the piece with an improvisation on accordion. What Juni wants to convey with this piece is a visual feeling of a parallel world for the listener to be thrown into.


Kristin Boussard, ”ZzZzZZz…”
Kristin Boussard is a composer from Åmål, Sweden. In her compositions, she aims to find musical ideas in non musical concepts. Her pieces often contain visual elements to elevate the listening experience.”ZzZzZZz…” was originally written for a voice quartet and is based on the sounds we make when we sleep. The rewritten version you will hear is for one voice and electronics. It will be performed solo by Kristin. She found it interesting to work with something as organic as breathing and sleeping sounds. This in combination with delay effects that replicate these sounds (sometimes naturally and sometimes in  artificially), make for an interesting soundscape and that may induce drowsiness in the listener.


Fanny Gruvstad, “RADIOSKUGGA”
Originally and primarily a vocalist, Copenhagen based artist FANNY recently took a step into the world of performative and conceptual electronic music. Her aim is to intuitively find the beauty and rhythm in sounds from everyday life, through field recordings, organic instruments, and her voice. Besides music, her interests lie in the field between creativity and psychology and the connection between the two. In RADIOSKUGGA, Fanny gently commands the attention of the audience onto the stage and into her performance. Through a fiery yet vulnerable spirit, the rough and the soft come together, as an invitation to really feel the here and now. RADIOSKUGGA is a sound interpretation of “a Universe where Feelings Can’t Be Hidden nor Controlled,” not even in the most vulnerable situations of broadcasting it live on the radio.

Klara Andersson, “My love is a dot on a line I don’t know”
“My love is a dot on a line I don’t know” is an investigation into Skype as a digital line of
communication between me and the ones I love. Who is this third part in our conversations? Through layers of feedback I try to understand this line and what it does to our voices and the things we try to tell each other.