*A purchase of a special add-on ticket is needed to attend this show.

Masters of musical storytelling, the duo of Roll the Dice, grew from a collaboration that began when its members, Malcolm Pardon and Peder Mannerfelt, first shared a studio in 2009. Finding a common focal point in the narrative and being able to utilize their respective interest in synthesizers, soundtracks and experimental electronics, it became a dynamic relationship. Driven by a foursquare rhythmic pulse, Roll the Dice explore and evolve their musical storyline on every release while keeping to suggestive and even hypnotic qualities. Themes vary from the pastoral psychedelia of their debut ‘In Dust’, the sprawling battlefields of 2014’s ‘Until Silence’ up to the more stripped down and jazz-infused ‘Born to Ruin’, the latest release.  We’re very much looking forward to their live-set at Sound of Stockholm, knowing that Roll the Dice will take us with them on their next journey, wherever it may go.