This is a conversation on hierarchy versus organization: hegemony versus desire. As an extension of Konstmusiksystrar’s participation in Sound of Stockholm, we gather young female artists to discuss the economy of sound making, of being seen, and methods of claiming space. In what way do our methods provide new structures, how do they sound and feel? The structure of feeling refers to the distinct yet shared ways that feelings may emerge. The notion was established by literary scholar Raymond William as an alternative to the social hegemony of common sense, rather pointing out the inner dynamics of a not yet fully worked out thought: feeling.

Participating artists are Marta Forsberg (organiser, Konstmusiksystrar), Ciarra Black, Stine Janvin Motland and Bergrún Snaebjornsdottir. The audience is invited to bring their own thoughts and experiences. The conversation is moderated by Frida Sandström.