What does a group of minds think together?

Collecting the desires of Sound of Stockholm’s seven member societies, we have taken a closer look at how dissonance acts in contemporary music and arts. The 2017 edition emphasizes the fact that sound is produced and performed by multiple artistic practices. Composing for instruments as well as vocal sounds, movement and imagery, the performing artists bring us a broad set of experiences, all providing different inputs on what collectivity in sound might be.  All this is presented in an audience-friendly festival format where the sounds can be experienced in a relaxed, social atmosphere. Come and be part of Sound of Stockholm 2017 from November 7-11, in venues all around Stockholm.

The festival premieres at MDT, a venue presenting choreography and performance art, where the performance workshop ”Tunings” inserts the notion of social interaction when composing for moving bodies and voices. Later on in the program, we invite you to a night with live sets and talks at The Swedish Museum of Performing Arts. Here, Konstmusiksystrar present a set of new commissioned works performed as part of their mobilization towards a gender-equal music scene.

The discursive programme includes an artist talk by Danish sound artist and composer Jacob Kirkegaard, inviting unheard sounds in historical and anatomic wastelands. At the Swedish Museum of Performing Arts, a panel discussion will focus on feminist approaches within electro-acoustic practices. Kulturhuset will host a talk by New York-based performer and composer Lea Bertucci, presenting her choir piece ORACLE, where lyrics are replaced by onomatopoetic words and glottal consonants. Finally, Volker Bertelmann, a.k.a Hauschka, provides an insight into the sonic landscapes of his prepared piano: sound altered by the insertion of alien objects between its strings, hammers and dampers. This conversation is curated by Mats Almegård/Gram[m]ofon.

This year’s line-up also presents the network-building platform Club Contemporary Classical Subset Indie-Classical (C3IC), with Sound of Stockholm as a founding member. The network focuses on music in the creative zone between the genres of contemporary classical and electronic. In Stockholm, C3IC provides 4 sets of acts and collaborations including artists such as Hauschka and U: & ekke. Additionally, Sound of Stockholm is part of Nordic Culture Fund’s PULS project 2017-19, aiming to develop music exchange within the Nordic countries.

Towards the end of the week, we continue our fruitful collaboration with Under Bron. Here, Swan Meat’s carnivalesque assemblage of industrial spoken word meets Crim3s’ sonic excavations between the virtual and the real. Proceeding with the boisterous break-driven rave nostalgia and multi-faceted sonic persona of Bjarki, the night ends in a borderland of music both contemplative and danceable.

The festival has its finale in the post-industrial site Reaktorhallen, where the old nuclear architecture is rewritten through the light and sounds of Lea Bertucci, SHXCXCHCXSH and Roll The Dice. Disturbing the objectivity of the walls, the sonic space of Reaktorhallen might turn into many: one for each Sound of Stockholm.