For Sound of Stockholm, Stockholm Saxophone Quartet presents new pieces by Arshia Samsaminia, Maria Lithell Flyg, Matthew Peterson, Fredrik Gran och Malin Bång. The pieces are performed by Magdalena Meitzner and Linn Persson.

Specializing in chamber music for saxophone, The Stockholm Saxophone Quartet collects composers locally and from abroad. At the moment, the members of the Quartet have had over 500 works written for them. Arranging seminars, taking part in concerts, and working together with artists in genres other than their own, the Quartet also works with advanced electro-acoustic music. Testing the boundaries of what is considered technically possible, their style and skills have rapidly developed and they now belong to Sweden’s foremost interpretative artists in their particular, yet very wide-ranging, field.

The Quartet performs frequently at international festivals, in opera houses and concert halls. With new premises in Stockholm, they hope to reach a larger group of people and evoke interest in contemporary music. The studios at Tulegatan 53 house offices, rehearsal rooms and enable studio recordings. It also provides a meeting-point for musicians, composers, artists, choreographers and writers. The plan is to hold seminars and educational activities together with conferences of various kinds, discussion evenings and concerts on a smaller scale. Thus, Tulegatan 53 is intended to be a springboard for new artistic endeavours, both at  Swedish and international level.