There are no more four seasons is presented as part of the Club Contemporary Classical Project (C3⊂IC)

Pioneers within the classical live remix movement, there are no more four seasons, began with a recomposition of Vivaldi’s
Four Seasons. Time has passed since the original piece was first composed in 1725 (and 2004), whilst concert halls and elevator music remain. As the cultural climate changes, seasons do as well, and arguing for the fact that there are no longer four seasons, the duo strives to take hold of this lost chronology in all of their work. Taking up the consequences of time, the electronic musician, Mattias Petersson, and experimental violinist, George Kentros, perform music reflecting the twin burdens of tradition and relevance.

For the C3IC showcase, there are no more four seasons will present their first new work in five years, this time reworking structures taken from Strauss waltzes to fit an electronic context. Between their sets, there are no more four seasons and In C:ode will collaborate to produce a new work together.

Sweden based Mattias Petersson works as a composer and musician for electronic instruments. He works mainly within the realm of experimental electronic music and sound art and is also been involved in the pop scene.

US born, Sweden based George Kentros has performed as a chamber musician, soloist, and actor across Europe and the US, Central America, Oceania and Japan. He also founded klubb SEKT and among other things, is the publisher of the periodical Nutida Musik.