With a massive cacophony of writhing textures, manic hammering, and distorted screeching, Yes Deer derives from improvisation, performing collective physical rituals through ceremonies of chaos. With a hyper expressive free jazz as consequence, the friction between intellect and libido, pre- and post-, collectivism and individualism are elasticised. A momentum of cells in ecstasy: the sound of enthusiastic despair.  

For the second day of Sound of Stockholm, Yes Deer closes their Europe tour and the ensemble promises a highly energetic and physical gig, an expurgation preparing us all for the darkest times of the year.

Since forming in 2010, Yes Deer (Karl Bjorå, guitar and synth, Anders Vestergaard, drums and Signe Dahlgren, alto and tenor saxophone) have toured in Scandinavia and Europe. Their first album, ‘The Talk of Tennis’ was released on Gaffer Records in 2014, and now their second album, “Get Your Glitter Jacket” is out as a joint release by Insula Music and Gaffer Records.