Outside In

Casey Moir is a vocal improviser and composer in experimental music. She is intrigued by unconventional sounds and textures. She has toured and performed at festivals and venues in Sweden, Europe, Australia, USA, Mexico and Asia. With a Bachelor in Improvisation coupled with many years of freelancing, she is now studying a Master of Composition at the Gothenburg University.

Composed by Casey Moir, “Outside In” is a play with the perception of sound, an exploration of how sound is perceived and from where. Four vocal artists (Linda Oláh, Kelsey Cotton, Lisa Hansson, Casey Moir) and a sound artist (Kajsa Magnarsson) direct and set sound in motion using twelve speakers dispersed in and around a square performance and audience space. With the performers encircling the audience, listeners face inwards towards the empty, lit up center.

Sound of Stockholm presents the world premiere of “Outside In”. Sounds fill the room, space and resonance chambers. Electronics enhance and intersect. Where one sits, directly affects the experience of the listener.

With support from Musikverket.


Date: 21 November (Thursday), 19:30
Location: Fylkingen (Torkel Knutssonsgatan 2, Stockholm)

>> Casey Moir
>> Linda Oláh
>> Kelsey Cotton
>> Lisa Hansson
>> Kajsa Magnarsson