Sidsel Endresen & Stian Westerhus

One of the leading vocal improvisers of the world, Norwegian singer-composer Sidsel Endresen made an acclaimed debut as a duo with Norwegian guitarist Stian Westerhus at Molde Jazzfestival in 2010. Endresen was part of the Jon Eberson Group in the 1980s, alongside numerous other collaborations, while Westerhus played with the groups Puma, Monolithic and Jaga Jazzist.

Their debut release “Didymoi Dreams” (Rune Grammofon), an unedited live recording from their concert at Bergen Nattjazz in 2011, was released in May 2012. It received extremely positive reviews internationally and was awarded Norwegian Grammy for Best Jazz Recording 2012. The duo released their first studio album “Bonita” in 2014, again to great critical appraisal.

The duo has toured festivals and clubs in Scandinavia and Europe, and with each concert ventured into new musical territories within the free landscape in which they operate. In a blend of continuous abstract storytelling and a genre-free soundscape they move as a tight unit within their own unique universe. Essential listening for the adventurous music lover!


Date: 22 November (Friday), 21:00
Location: Fylkingen (Torkel Knutssonsgatan 2, Stockholm)

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