THE END consists of Sofia Jernberg (voice), Kjetil Møster, Mats Gustafsson (sax & electronics), Anders Hana (guitar & drums), and Børge Fjordheim (drums). Together they create new perspectives on contemporary experimental music. Elements of noise and layers of extreme energy interact with the different experiences of the musicians in genres like free jazz, noise, alternative rock, free improvised music, contemporary music, opera, grindcore, folk and jazz.

The members of the group have worked in a huge variety of creative music ensembles over the past years, such as Cloroform, Møster!, The Thing, Fire! & Fire! Orchestra, Ultralyd, MoHa, Paavo, Datarock, The Core, Noxact, NU ensemble, and Brutal Blues. THE END is an attempt to use all of those experiences and melt it together into something new and creative. Something of deeper poetic beauty and harsh brutality.

Their first album “Svårmod och Vemod är Värdesinnen” (with Greg Saunier of the San Francisco-based avant-rock band Deerhoof on drums) was released on RareNoiseRecords in June 2018. The record, whose approximate translation of the album title from Swedish into English is “sadness and melancholy are senses of value”, is delivered with sledgehammer authority by the subversive crew.


Date: 23 November (Saturday), 23:00
Location: Slaktkyrkan (Styckmästargatan 10, Stockholm)

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