Christer Bothén, born 1941 in Gothenburg, is a Swedish musician, composer and artist. His main instruments are bass clarinet, contrabass clarinet, donso n’goni and guimbri. Bothén spent 1971-72 in Mali, where he studied hunter’s music and donso n’goni with master Broema Dombia in Bougouni, Wassoulut. In 1977 he took up Gnawa music studies with master Maalem Abdellatif Elmakhzoumi in Marrakech, with who he studied until Elmakhzoumi passed away in 2017. From 1970 onwards, Bothén collaborated with Don Cherry, also teaching Cherry the donso n’goni. In 1980 Bothén started Bolon Bata, an intensively touring band performing Bothéns compositions, later to become Bolon X.

From 1990 onwards, Bothén has continued leading his own groups and has collaborated with multi-reedist Mats Gustafsson, performance artist and musician Sara Lundén and cornetist Goran Kajfeš. With Vilhelm Bromander and Konrad Agnas, he released the record OMEN in 2020 on Bocian Records, and he’s also participating as a writer and musician in a new project on Don Cherry, initiated by Blank Forms.

In 2020, Bothén released his major work AMBROSIA on the label Thanatosis. The album contains both solo pieces and the composition ZON featuring musicians as Per Texas Johansson, Boa Pettersson, Hans Koch, Sofia Jernberg, Kristine Scholz, Tisha Mukarji and Vilhelm Bromander.

At Sound of Stockholm 2021, Bothén will perform solo on contrabass clarinet and in duo with Linnéa Talp.

Christer Bothén is presented in collaboration with SKAIV.


Theo Kentros / Niklas Dahlqvist / Daniel M Karlsson / Christer Bothén / Linnéa Talp

November 23 » 7:15 PM9:30 PM