Nattens Inbrott is a newly formed quartet, whose music lingers in the land of twilight; between unrest and calm; between the wild and cultivated; between the composed and improvised. The quartet consists of members from two established ensembles: the Norwegian duo Vilde & Inga and Swedish tentet Skogen.

Specifically: Vilde Sandve Alnaes on violin; Inga Margrete Aas on contrabass; Erik Carlsson on percussion; and Magnus Granberg on prepared piano, who also writes the compositions serving starting-point and framework for the improvisational explorations of the ensemble.

Together and individually, they have collaborated with musicians, ensembles and composers such as Jennifer Walshe, Anthony Braxton, Sidsel Endresen, Jürg Frey, Ensemble Grizzana, Ordinary Affects and Splitter Orchester.

Michela Pelusio / Nattens Inbrott / ABACAXI

November 25 » 7:00 PM11:30 PM