Sound Pals involves six participating artists: Hildur Elísa Jónsdóttir, Kari Telstad Sundet, Kirstine Lindemann, Jaime Belmonte Caparrós, Rachel C Walker and Johanna Sulalampi. They live and work in Denmark, Finland, Norway, Island, Sweden and Germany. The project invited participants through an open application sent out to different music networks in the Nordic region, including Damkapellet (DK), Balansekunst (NO), Young Nordic Music (UNM) Iceland and Finland and the hosting network Konstmusiksystrar (SE).

The Sound Pals project builds on a practice-based exchange between the project’s participants in pairs. Since December 2020 and until August this year, the artists have been collecting and exchanging sounding material in audio files, making them sound pals. The ongoing work has been discussed among the pairs during three sharing sessions throughout the year, hosted by Konstmusiksystrar and project coordinators Adele Kosman and Kajsa Antonsson. From their correspondence, each pair of sound pals have produced an electro-acoustic piece.

Johanna Sulalampi works with sound in the fields of performing arts, sound art and music. Her basis in philosophy makes a strong foundation for creating art in touch with the present. 

Rachel C. Walker writes poetic, timbre-sensitive works drawing from her ongoing immersion in and research on Chinese folk music, musical time, and language.

With a particular interest in the body and the movement as compositional material, Kirstine Lindemann’s work as a composer and performer focuses on that space between you and I.

Jaime Belmonte Caparrós is a Spanish composer, conductor and ensemble singer based in Helsinki, exploring transculturality, transdisciplinarity and new ways of expression through technology. 

Kari Telstad Sundet is a composer and vocalist from the north-western coast of Norway. Her focus is on the visual nature of sound, nostalgia, memories and storytelling.

Hildur Elísa Jónsdóttir is an artist, musician and composer based in Reykjavík, Iceland. She is interested in storytelling and creating engulfing experiences within a space, often inspired by the mundane.

Kari Sunder & Hildur Elísa Jónsdóttir: To the last drop (10 min)

Jaime Belmonte & Kirstine Lindemann: <no title> Recordings of 0.5 litre cold water in an electric kettle (40 min)

Johanna Sulalampi & Rachel C. Walker: Miniatyyrikokoelma (10 min)

Sound Pals is presented in collaboration with the Royal College of Music in Stockholm.


NEKO3 / Sound Pals

November 24 » 7:00 PM9:30 PM