Theodor Kentros is a composer and musician based in Stockholm, Sweden. He mostly composes for a combination of electronics and acoustic instruments but sometimes he writes pieces solely for loudspeakers and once in a blue moon he’s written for acoustic instruments only. Most of his pieces center around the fluctuating frequencies produced when similarly tuned instruments are played simultaneously.

Approximately fifteen.five minutes surrounding f & c

Originally composed for the meantone organ in St Gertrud Church and re-worked for the equal temperament organ in St Clara Church, Approximately fifteen.five minutes surrounding f & c consists of the different fluctuating frequencies produced by combining and partially opening the flow of air to several pipe divisions of an organ. In combination with a part for electronics built on solid sine waves created in Max MSP, the piece lasts for, as the title suggests, about fifteen minutes and thirty seconds.


Originally composed for an organist with a broken leg, Fractura is a slowly evolving piece using none of the organ pedals. The piece focuses on the blur between pseudo-randomized sine waves in eight different speakers combined with the shifting timbre of the organ by slowly switching between different pipe divisions.

Theodor Kentros is presented in collaboration with SKAIV.


Theodor Kentros / Niklas Dahlqvist / Daniel M Karlsson / Christer Bothén / Linnéa Talp

November 23 » 7:15 PM9:30 PM